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Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Dept. of recipient
Name of Principal Investigator
Duration of the project
Name of the Project
Amount/Fund received
Name of funding agency
Year of sanction
1CSEDR.B.LATHA Ms.R.BAMA1 YearPrivate Key And Pubilc Auditing Cryptosystem For Data Sharing In Cloud StorageRs.120000Aadele Vistas2014-2015
2CSEMrs.R.UMA Mrs. G.MANIMALA1 YearIEEE 802.15.4 Based Power Theft Monitoring And Prepaid Billing SystemRs.50000Victory Software Solutions2014-2015
1 YearData Retrieval System From Selective Ordered Bucketization With SecurityRs.100000Cert Technologies2014-2015
4CSEMr.M.SURESH ANAND Ms.V.LALITHA1 YearIntelligent Forecast Of Product Purchase Based On User Behavior & Purchase Strategies Using Big DataRs.70000Intelligent System2014-2015
5CSEG.Manimala M.Nithya1 YearPertinence Characteristics For Finding Students Learning AbilityRs.20000One Yes Technologies2015-2016
6CSEDr.B.Latha R.A.Kalpana1 YearSecure Data Transmission Using One Time PadsRs.2000011th Dimension2015-2016
7CSEDr.B.Latha D.Kavitha1 YearDetecting And Recovering The Tampered Image In Wireless NetworksRs.2000011th Dimension2015-2016
8CSEV.Kavitha K.Latha1 YearInformation Hiding In Compressed Video Using Macro Block OrderRs.2000011th Dimension2015-2016
9CSEDr.B.Latha Mr.J.K.Periasamy1 YearEmergency Message Dissemination In VanetsRs.2000011th Dimension2015-2016
10CSER.Uma M.Suganya1 YearBreathe Analysis And Accurate Discernment Of Asthmatic WheezesRs.20000One Yes Technologies2015-2016
11CSEMrs.R.Bama, Ms.V.Hema1 YearDigital Guide For Visually ChallengedRs.20000One Yes Technologies2015-2016
12CSEMs.R.Valarmathi Mrs.V.Lalitha1 YearBraile Recognition SystemRs.2000011th Dimension2015-2016
13CSEMr.J.JeganAmarnathMr.Pradeep Kumar Sahoo1 YearHeart Decision Prediction System Using Datamining TechniquesRs.2000011th Dimension2015-2016
14CSEProf Dr. B.Latha1 YearWatch or Not: Movie rating prediction using Matrix FactorizationRs 45,00011th Dimension LLP2016-2017
15CSEMrs. R.Uma1 YearDevelopment of iot and zigbeebased irrigation and cultivation system for agricultureRs 40,000NarbhaviSoftlab,2016-2017
16CSEMrsG.Manimala1 YearEffective identification of black money and fake currency using nfc and androidRs 48,000Oneyes Technologies2016-2017
17CSEMr.J.K.Periasamy1 YearRecovery From Attacks Involving Refusal Of Service In Manets By DcfmRs 38,000Uniq Technologies2016-2017
18CSEMrs. S.Samundeswari1 YearPassword Authentication Protocol Using Dynamic Encryption With Modified Cued Click PointsRs 35,000Aazhivion Technologies2016-2017
19CSEMrs.V.Kavitha1 YearPrivacy and non-repudiation assurance for Vehicular adhoc network (vanet)Rs 28,000Codebind Technologies2016-2017
20CSEMr.J.JeganAmarnath1 YearPertinence Characteristics For Finding Students Learning AbilityRs 32,000Trs Forms & Services Pvt. Ltd2016-2017
21CSEMrs.K.Latha1 YearNext generation atc based on hibs in aircraftsRs 47,000Pantech Solutions Pvt Ltd2016-2017
22CSEMrs.Sangeerani Devi1 YearDesign of co-operative intelligent vehicle-to-vehicle communication system for autonomous vehiclesRs 49,000Expedux Technologies Pvt. Ltd.2016-2017
23CSER.Valarmathi1 YearBalancing workload of a cloud and dynamic request redirection for cloud based video services using cdn and data centerRs 42,000Infometricx Technologies Pvt. Ltd2016-2017
24CSEMrs.V.Kavitha1 YearOptimal and Stochastic Resource Sharing Service Provider on Cloud ComputingRs 32,000Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.2016-2017
25CSEMr.SureshAnand M1 YearDigital Guide For Visually ChallengedRs 34,000Expedux Technologies Pvt. Ltd.2016-2017
26CSEMrs.V.Kavitha1 YearAutomatic Toll Payment With Vocatus DetectionRs 34,000Unibros Technologies2016-2017
27CSEMrs.A.Shali1 YearIntegrative Detection On Open Drainage Overflow And CurrentRs 37,000Ascenders Technologies2016-2017
28CSEMrs.S.Meera1 YearFuzzy classifiers and multi boosters for intelligent intrusion detection networksRs 43,000Codehex2016-2017
29CSEMr.M.Balamurugan1 YearImplementing Data Analytics For Location Based Personal Radiation Exposure AnalyzerRs 44,000Success Property Enterprises2016-2017
30CSEMrs.M.Nithya1 YearMatrix Based Or Algorithm For Academic Scheduler Under CbcsRs 48,000Aazhivion Technologies2016-2017
31CSEMr.Pradeepkumar Sahoo1 YearMinimising Resource Over-Provisioning By Dynamic Overhead In HadoopRs 39,000Unibros Technologies2016-2017

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