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Sales Force Trail Heads


Sales force Trail head is our free on line -learning and fun way to learn Sales force Trail. This is the opportunity for our students to take on-line assessment and get international badges. Hands-on challenges earn the most points (500 points per challenge), quizzes have a sliding point scale starting at 100 points on the first try, 50 points on the second try and 25 points on the consecutive try. 50 points for each step in the projects. Based on the scored points, the different types of badges such as Hiker, Explorer, Adventurer, Mountaineer, Expeditionary and Ranger badges can earn. Total 77 trails are available and the different roles such as Admin, Business user and Developer. The different levels in each role are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Course Overview:

This is the platform to learn the following concepts

  • Both Technical and Non-Technical skill development
  • Managerial skill development
  • Communication skill development

Course Outcome:

  • On completion of all modules of this trail, students shall be eligible to participate in ICT Academy rewards and recognition program