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Dr.B.LathaSolar Assisted power bunkPatent Filed
Application No 201741024631
F2 : Ref no: E-2/2022/2017-CHE
F3 : Ref no: E-3/16476/2017-CHE
F5 : Ref no: E-5/829/2017-CHE
F9 : Ref no: E-12/475/2017-CHE
CBR NO 23545
F18 : R20174021000
CBR NO 23545
Mrs.V.KavithaAutomatic Toll payment with vocatus detection using LI-FIPatent Filed
Application No 201741024631
CBR NO 23376
Dr. M. Suresh AnandAn Intelligent Indian Sign Language Recognition System
with Hybrid Classification Approach Using
Hand Gesture Images And Nam Speech Signal
Patent Filed
Application No
F2 : Ref no: E-2/3044/2017-CHE
F3 : Ref no: E-3/24401/2017-CHE
F5 : Ref no: E-5/1255/2017-CHE
F9 : Ref no: E-12/879/2017-CHE
CBR NO 32226
F18 : Ref no: R20174030370
CBR NO32226