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YEAR: 2018 -2019
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Mr. U. Vidhu Kumar Utukuri, Senior consultant, TCS presented the “Best Student Project Award 2017” to Ms. S. Nivia, Ms. K. Ishwarya, Ms. J.K.Jayashree.

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2018/01/best-student-1-1.jpg” title=”Mr. U. Vidhu Kumar Utukuri , Senior consultant, TCS presented the “Best Student Project Award 2017″ to Ms. S. Nivia, Ms. K. Ishwarya, Ms. J.K.Jayashree.”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2018/01/ragul.jpg” title=”Mr.Rahul Received 50,000 cash prize from our CEO for his contribution towards Bug finding in Security Domain”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2018/01/ragav.jpg” title=”Mr. Raghav from IV year received Best Popular Project Award in Quest Ingenium 2017 held at Trivandrum on 15.9.17″][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/raghav-16award.jpg” title=”Best Student Award Recevied by Mr. G.Ragavendran from TCS Won best Project at Kurushektra 15 and TCS innovative Project Award by Mr. G.Ragavendran”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/HASL-16award.png” title=”FIRST PRIZE from Computer Society of India – The project titled “Highly Autonomous Self Learning AI agent” by Raghavendran.G ,at Jeppiar Engineering College, Chennai”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/jagan-16award.png” title=”C L Jagannathan (2011-2014) : presented a paper in the 11th International Conference and Expo on Emerging Technologies for a Smarter World (CEWIT2014) on October 29 & 30, 2014 at the Stony Brook University, Melville Marriott Long Island in Melville, New York, USA .”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/YoungInvestigatorAward.jpg” title=”K Kuzhalisai and G Gayathri won Young Investigator Award” in IOAJ International Conference ICCSIT-2012 at Coimbatore.”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/BestPaperAward.jpg” title=”S. Srivatsan Presented a paper Secure Voter verifiable Audit Trail –(ICAET – 2012 ) and won Best Paper Award. He has applied for patent.”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/AModus.jpg” title=”K Kavitha Visu Avudaiappan V Nivedhitha Presented a paper A Modus Operandi to Resolve The Predicament of the Visually Challenged in Navigation” in International Conference of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/AdHocNetworks.jpg” title=”Meenakshi.M.R Detection of Malicious nodes in mobile Ad Hoc Networks
National Conference (NICE) 21 Apr 2011″][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/China.jpg” title=”International conference IEEE ICIET 2011 – China
Utilization of Main memory by reallocation of pages and user based process scheduling by Praveen C. Ganapathy”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/ICDMKE2011.jpg” title=”ICDMKE 2011- Malaysia Deep iCrawl – An Intelligent vision – Based deep web crawler by R.Anitha”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/ICECECE2010.jpg” title=”ICECECE 2010 – Singapore Track Manager to Aid the Blind and the visually disabled by V.GANGA BHARANI”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/Kevin.jpg” title=”R.Kevin
R.Balaji WORLDCOMP 10 – The 2010 World Congress in Computer Science Computer Engineering and Applied Computing
Las Vegas Nevada USA ISLEEN AID- An alternative input method for visually impaired people”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/R.SakthipriyaBalaji-.jpg” title=”R.Sakthipriya Balaji
World Academy of Science and Technology
(International Conference) – USA – 2009
Unified Method to Block Pornographic Images in Websites”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/PrasannaKumar.jpg” title=”Mr. K. K.Prasanna Kumar of CSE has applied for patent and has implemented a flash game titled Underworld Army He has sold the primary license for the game on 18th of August 2010 for 900USD (RS.40 000).”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/SampathKumar.jpg” title=”Mr.V.Sampath Kumar – Best out going Student Award. Toppers in Initial Software engineering Test conducted in TCS ILP Trivandrum Top Performer award for Batch T105 Selected as the Chair person for Gold Affinity Group (madras section) He has become Star of TCS.”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/Autism.jpg” title=”Exploration of Autism Using AI Techniques At the International conference APC 2006 Held at University of Canberra Australia and Recognized as Best Paper Exploration of Autism Using Advanced AI Techniques at IEEE Health com 2006 International conference New Delhi India.”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/IEEE.jpg” title=”Published an article IEEE Newsletter MAs-link entitled Exploration of Semantic Pragmatic Disorder.”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/Aravindakshan.jpg” title=”Mr.R.C.Aravindakshan Mr .R.S.Bharath Presented in 6 international conferences Bagged the project sponsor of Rs. 60,000 from TCS. Did a research in FISEC – novel telecommunication methodology for the hearing impaired, and presented in IADAT -TCN 2005. “][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/Maheswari.jpg” title=”Ms. R.Maheswari , Ms.G.Vinochandrika & Ms.Vaijanthi. Presented a Paper on Adide-d-Voix at IEEE Health com 2006 International conference, New Delhi, India.”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/BestStudentProjectAward.jpg” title=”A Best Student Project Award Ceremony for the project Automated Demand Draft Machine one by our students Mr.V.Bharath, Mr.K.Harish Babu, Mr.D.Dilip kumar was conducted on 31st January 2008. This Ceremony was honoured by Ms.Hema Gopal, Vice President, TCS.”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/best_student.jpg” title=”Best Student Award Mr.V.Venkatraman received the Best Student Award from ISTE.”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/CiiAphonic.jpg” title=”The Project titled APHONIC ARTICULATOR done by our students Ms.N.Kavin Preethi, Ms.S.S.Aarthy, Ms.Prasiddha.R have won Rs.75,000/- cash prize in the i-Talent Contest conducted by the CII.”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/ISTE.jpg” title=”The Project titled INTELLIGENT VOICE AUTOMATED NAVIGATION SYSTEM done by our students Ms.P.Baby Ambica & Ms.V.Vasupradha have won the ISTE special project award.”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/TCSAward.jpg” title=”Best Project Award from TCS 2006-2007″]
Automated DemandDraft Machine by

  1. Mr.V.Bharath
  2. Mr.K.Harish Babu
  3. Mr.D.Dilipkumar


[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/projectawardISTE.jpg” title=”Student Project Award From ISTE 2007-2008 “]

I-VAN by

  1. P.Baby Ambica
  2. V.Vasupradha

won the best student project award from ISTE[/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/iTalent.jpg” title=”Best project from CII iTalent contest 2007-2008 “]

Aphonic Articulator by

  1. Ms. S.SAarthi
  2. Ms.Kavin preethi
  3. Ms.Prasiddha Raghuraman

iTalent Contest held on 7-9 Feb 2008 at Tidel Park,Chennai,Sri Sai Ram Engineering College Won the First prize at CII iTalent Contest[/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/goo.jpg” title=”Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) “]Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC)

Mr. Roopak Venkatraman, Interning at Google[/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/goo1.jpg” title=”Short film titled “BIMBAM” Blogg – GB land) “]

Ms.Ganga Bharani

Short film titled “BIMBAM” Blogg – GB land)[/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/goo2.jpg” title=”Short film titled “A THRILLER Novel – JUST YOU, ME AND A SECRET”][/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/goo3.jpg” title=”Mr.R.Arun Founder & Developer – Domain clump Web Services”]

  • Founder & Internet Marketing Executive – Excur media
  • Founder of Code4cause, world largest non Profit IT[/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/goo4.jpg” title=”Mr.Kevin – Entrepreneur”]

  • Founder – Walletket in U.S.A
  • Youngest Indian Entrepreneurs in silicon valley investors[/imagebox]

[imagebox image=”https://cse.sairam.edu.in/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/01/goo5.jpg” title=”Mr.K.Raja”]

  • Member of Technical Staff (R&D) @ VMWare Inc. Palo Alto, CA, USA[/imagebox]

A Best Student Project Award 2008-2009

Ceremony for the project “ Performance Analysis Of Multicore Architecture ” done by our students Mr.D.Naveen, Mr.P.Nirmal Ram, Mr.D.S.Premkumar & Mr.L.Vidhya Shankar was conducted on 9th July 2009. This Ceremony was honoured by Mr.Thomas V Simon, Vice President(HR), TCS, Chennai. Best project Award from TCS

Students Merit Scholarship

S. No.Student IDRegister NumberNameCGPAAmountYear of StudyDept.
1E7CS115412517104148VASANTH KUMAR E9.12215000IICSE
2E7CS096412517104049KARTHIKA S9.10215000IICSE
3E7CS111412517104060LAVANYA S9.10215000IICSE
4E7CS083412517104067MALAVIKA S9.08215000IICSE
5E7CS028412517104093PRASHANTHI G9.04115000IICSE
6E7CS088412517104088POOJA K9.02015000IICSE
7E7CS063412517104142VAISHNAVI G9.00015000IICSE
8E7CS066412517104062LINGAMUTHU K9.00015000IICSE
9E7CS090412517104047KARTHIGA PRIYA N8.87810000IICSE
10E7CS014412517104106SAI SUMITRA J C E8.87810000IICSE
11E7CS122412517104145VARSHINI P8.85710000IICSE
12E7CS065412517104061LINGALA SHIVANANDHINI8.81610000IICSE
13E7CS051412517104019DEEPCHARRAN N8.79610000IICSE
14E7CS123412517104152VIJAYALAKSHMI S8.79610000IICSE
15E7CS052412517104034GOKUL P S8.77610000IICSE
16E7CS086412517104138TARUNIYAA S8.77610000IICSE
17E7CS099412517104077NANDHITHA R8.75510000IICSE
18E7CS074412517104082NIVEDHITHA C R8.75510000IICSE
19E7CS106412517104083NIVEDITHA A8.7355000IICSE
20E7CS070412517104108SANDHIYA P8.7355000IICSE
21E7CS105412517104111SANTHIYA V8.7355000IICSE
22E7CS112412517104046KAMALI S U8.7355000IICSE
23E7CS166412517104129SRIVIDHYA R8.7145000IICSE
24E7CS084412517104112SARASWATHY KEERTHANA S8.6945000IICSE
25E7CS008412517104107SAKET SHARMA8.6535000IICSE
26E7CS124412517104017BHUVANESH S8.6335000IICSE
27E7CS064412517104075MOTHISH D8.5715000IICSE
28E7CS071412517104005AISHWARYA P8.5515000IICSE
29E7CS023412517104121SNEHA SRIKANTH8.5515000IICSE
30E7CS095412517104069MANOJ KUMAR B8.5315000IICSE
31E7CS049412517104100RAMYA M8.5105000IICSE
32E6CS130412516104070KEERTHIBALA V9.06125000IIICSE
33E6CS021412516104058HEMA S9.02025000IIICSE
34E6CS046412516104011AGAASH SR8.90910000IIICSE
35E6CS053412516104115RAMYA V8.88910000IIICSE
36E6CS117412516104150UTHRA M8.88910000IIICSE
37E6CS054412516104107PRIYANKA DN8.86910000IIICSE
38E6CS563412516104108RAGAVI M8.77810000IIICSE
39E6CS085412516104060HEMA SHALINI S8.76810000IIICSE
40E5CS063412515104009AKSHAYAA S (GQ)9.30645,000IVCSE
41E5CS087412515104033DESU SRAVYA9.21125000IVCSE
42E5CS134412515104148SHWETA S9.19025000IVCSE
43E5CS120412515104146SHOBANA S9.12925000IVCSE
44E5CS092412515104067ISHWARYA S8.99310000IVCSE
46E5CS080412515104036DINESH A8.95910000IVCSE
47E5CS129412515104092MANJULA N8.95910000IVCSE
48E5CS110412515104101NIKILA M8.95210000IVCSE
49E5CS071412515104136SANDHYA U8.95210000IVCSE
50E5CS116412515104143SHANMUGAPRIYA S8.93210000IVCSE
51E5CS016412515104131ROOBINI BU8.89810000IVCSE
52E5CS083412515104027CHARULATHA J8.87810000IVCSE
53E5CS125412515104142SHALINI J8.87910000IVCSE
54E5CS140412515104139SASI REKHA P8.86410000IVCSE
55E5CS136412515104038DIVYA B8.83010000IVCSE
56E5CS089412515104040DHIVYADHARSHINI A8.82310000IVCSE
57E5CS059412515104154SINDHU S8.78210000IVCSE
58E5CS007412515104096MONISHA ANAND Y8.76210000IVCSE
Students Merit Scholarship 2016 – 2017
[table “223” not found /]
Students Merit Scholarship 2015 – 2016
[table “224” not found /]
Students Merit Scholarship 2014 – 2015
[table “177” not found /]
Students Merit Scholarship 2013 – 2014 IV Year
[table “165” not found /]
Students Merit Scholarship 2013 – 2014 III Year
[table “166” not found /]
Students Merit Scholarship 2013 – 2014 II Year
[table “167” not found /]
Students Merit Scholarship 2013 – 2014
[table “168” not found /]
Students Merit Scholarship 2012 – 2013 IV Year
[table “112” not found /]
Students Merit Scholarship 2012 – 2013 III Year
[table “114” not found /]
Students Merit Scholarship 2012 – 2013 II Year

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[table “117” not found /]

Students Merit Scholarship 2011 – 2012 IV Year
S. No.Student IDRegister NumberNameCGPAAmountYear of StudyDept.
1E6CS021412516104058HEMA S (MQ)9.37370000IICSE
2E6CS085412516104060HEMA SHALINI S (GQ)9.33345000IICSE
3E6CS130412516104070KEERTHIBALA V9.23510000IICSE
4E6CS053412516104115RAMYA V9.15710000IICSE
5E6CS117412516104150UTHRA M9.09810000IICSE
6E6CS114412516104117RASHEETH KHAN M9.07810000IICSE
7E6CS046412516104011AGAASH S R9.05910000IICSE
8E6CS054412516104107PRIYANKA D N9.02010000IICSE
9E6CS003412516104134SHURUTHI N9.0005000IICSE
10E6CS045412516104057HEMA M8.9805000IICSE
11E6CS060412516104151VARSHA K8.9805000IICSE
12E6CS063412516104108RAGAVI M8.9025000IICSE
13E6CS128412516104013AISHWARYA M8.8825000IICSE
14E6CS086412516104129SHALINI DEVI S8.8825000IICSE
15E6CS139412516104091NIVETHA K S8.8435000IICSE
16E6CS066412516104122SARANYA M8.8435000IICSE
17E6CS164412516104138SONIA PRAKASH8.8435000IICSE
18E6CS121412516104034DARSANA S L8.8245000IICSE
19E6CS147412516104056HARITHA P8.8245000IICSE
20E6CS023412516104087NISHA G MATHUR8.8245000IICSE
21E6CS136412516104080MAHESWARI M8.8635000IICSE
22E6CS096412516104052GOPINATH P8.7655000IICSE
23E6CS064412516104152VEERA PRATHAB B8.7655000IICSE
24E5CS134412515104148SHWETA S (GQ)9.32345000IIICSE
25E5CS131412515104009AKSHAYAA S (GQ)9.27345000IIICSE
26E5CS087412515104033DESU SRAVYA9.18210000IIICSE
27E5CS140412515104139SASI REKA P9.13110000IIICSE
28E5CS092412515104067ISHWARYA S9.10110000IIICSE
29E5CS120412515104146SHOBANA S9.06110000IIICSE
30E5CS083412515104027CHARULATHA J9.04010000IIICSE
32E5CS071412515104136SANDHYA U9.02010000IIICSE
33E5CS080412515104036DINESH A8.9805000IIICSE
34E5CS089412515104040DIVYA DHARSHINI A8.9605000IIICSE
35E5CS059412515104154SINDHU S8.9605000IIICSE
36E5CS129412515104092MANJULA N8.9395000IIICSE
37E5CS016412515104131ROOBINI B U8.9295000IIICSE
38E5CS091412515104091MANIBHARATHI R8.9095000IIICSE
39E5CS125412515104142SHALINI J8.8895000IIICSE
40E5CS007412515104096MONISHA ANAND Y8.8995000IIICSE
41E5CS121412515104159SRIVIDHYA S8.8595000IIICSE
42E5CS044412515104147SHUBATHRA R8.8185000IIICSE
43E5CS136412515104038DIVYA B8.8085000IIICSE
44E4CS014412514104121SAI SUPRAJA R (MQ)9.40870000IVCSE
45E4CS062412514104155SURYA G9.15610000IVCSE
46E4CS057412514104086NANDHINI S9.11610000IVCSE
47E4CS160412514104099PRAVEENA K9.04810000IVCSE
48E4CS099412514104108RAKSANA BEGUM S9.04810000IVCSE
49E4CS078412514104132SEMMALAR K9.04810000IVCSE
50E4CS061412514104045GAYATHRI R8.9805000IVCSE
51E4CS042412514104005ADITYA SIDDHARTH8.9595000IVCSE
52E4CS087412514104087NANDINI M8.8465000IVCSE
53E4CS059412514104018AMRUTHA SRIDHAR8.8445000IVCSE
54E4CS055412514104046GAYATHRI V8.8505000IVCSE
56E4CS148412514104164VIDHYA M8.8715000IVCSE
57E4CS165412514104101PRIYA J8.8375000IVCSE
58E4CS068412514104162VASUNDHARA V8.8645000IVCSE
59E4CS106412514104083MOUNICA S K8.8575000IVCSE
60E4CS094412514104006AISHWARYA R8.8505000IVCSE
61E4CS154412514104070LAVANYA S8.8445000IVCSE
62E4CS036412514104009AKSHAI R8.8445000IVCSE
63E4CS081412514104145SRINATH N M8.8035000IVCSE
64E4CS090412514104037CHITRA M8.7965000IVCSE
65E4CS085412514104017AMRUTHA B8.7965000IVCSE
66E4CS115412514104056JYOTHI JAISWAL M8.7695000IVCSE
67E4CS084412514104128SAPTHA MAALEEKAA8.7695000IVCSE
Students Merit Scholarship 2011 – 2012 III Year
Student IDRegister NumberNameAfter ReviewAfter ReviewYear of Study
1E5CS134412515104148SHWETA S (GQ)9.58845000II
2E5CS087412515104033DESU SRAVYA9.35325000II
3E5CS080412515104036DINESH A9.27525000II
4E5CS083412515104027CHARULATHA J9.27525000II
5E5CS110412515104101NIKILA M9.25525000II
6E5CS063412515104009AKSHAYAA S9.21610000II
7E5CS140412515104139SASI REKA P9.21610000II
8E5CS089412515104040DIVYA DHARSHINI A9.17610000II
9E5CS007412515104096MONISHA ANAND Y9.23510000II
10E5CS120412515104146SHOBANA S9.17610000II
11E5CS044412515104147SHUBATHRA R9.15710000II
12E5CS092412515104067ISHWARYA S9.19610000II
13E5CS125412515104142SHALINI J9.11810000II
15E5CS136412515104038DIVYA B9.07810000II
16E5CS071412515104136SANDHYA U9.11810000II
17E5CS047412515104172VENKATESH T9.11810000II
18E5CS002412515104129RAYASAM LAKSHMI9.05910000II
19E5CS105412515104128RAMYA M9.03910000II
20E5CS059412515104154SINDHU S9.03910000II
21E5CS077412515104081KAVIYA R9.02010000II
22E5CS121412515104159SRIVIDHYA S9.03910000II
23E5CS005412515104053GOKUL KANNAN R8.9805000II
24E5CS010412515104029DEEPA M8.9025000II
25E5CS069412515104126RAJKUMAR K R8.9025000II
26E5CS093412515104003AISHWARYA J V8.9025000II
27E5CS111412515104002AATHIRA H N8.9025000II
28E5CS091412515104091MANIBHARATHI R8.8045000II
29E5CS016412515104131ROOBINI B U8.8635000II
30E5CS116412515104143SHANMUGAPRIYA S8.7845000II
31E5CS096412515104085LATHA P8.7655000II
32E4CS014412514104121SAI SUPRAJA R (MQ)9.48570000III
33E4CS062412514104155SURYA G9.17210000III
34E4CS057412514104086NANDHINI S9.07110000III
35E4CS059412514104018AMRUTHA SRIDHAR9.01010000III
36E4CS160412514104099PRAVEENA K9.0005000III
37E4CS061412514104045GAYATHRI R9.0005000III
38E4CS078412514104132SEMMALAR K8.9905000III
39E4CS036412514104009AKSHAI R8.9495000III
40E4CS081412514104145SRINATH N M8.9805000III
41E4CS035412514104033BARADWAJ V8.9295000III
42E4CS085412514104017AMRUTHA B8.9295000III
43E4CS099412514104108RAKSANA BEGUM S8.9395000III
44E4CS087412514104087NANDINI M8.8995000III
45E4CS165412514104101PRIYA J8.8695000III
46E4CS055412514104046GAYATHRI V8.8485000III
47E4CS042412514104005ADITYA SIDDHARTH8.9095000III
48E4CS068412514104162VASUNDHRA V8.8285000III
49E4CS148412514104164VIDHYA M8.7785000III
50E4CS064412514104071LIBIYA B8.7685000III
51E3CS099412513104118SHIVI AGARWAL9.09510000IV
52E3CS012412513104151VIJAYALAKSHMI S9.02010000IV
53E3CS077412513104051KIRTHANA R9.00610000IV
54E3CS073412513104123SINDHUJA S9.0005000IV
55E3CS074412513104077NIVIA S8.9735000IV
56E3CS119412513104135SUBASRI R S8.9665000IV
57E3CS076412513104020DEVASENAH R8.8785000IV
58E3CS004412513104026GAYATHRI K8.8715000IV
59E3CS115412513104039HARISUDHA K8.8915000IV
60E3CS059412513104072MOHAN KUMAR C8.7965000IV
61E3CS022412513104110SANGEETHA T8.7625000IV
Student IDRegister NumberNameAMOUNT
1EP5CE04412515405002JAYA SURYA P25000M.E. - CSESEC
2EP5CE11412515405008SHARMILA P15000M.E. - CSESEC
Students Merit Scholarship 2011 – 2012 II Year
S.NOName of the studentName of the companyNo. of days
1Adithya RZoho Internship3 Months
2Anisha Michelle Thangam JM/S Nstore Technologies.3 Months
3Arvind MZoho Internship6 Months
4Eniyan ThamilZoho Internship6 Months
5Harish Kumar BZoho Internship3 Months
6Haritha VM/S Nstore Techlogies.3 Months
7Kamireddy NeeharikaMazenet Solution Ltd3 Months
8Mukilan I KZoho Internship6 Months
9Rubasri SZoho Internship3 Months
10Ruphaa Sri K PMazenet Solution Ltd3 Months
11Sakthianathan JZoho Internship6 Months
12Sankara Subramanian VHybrowlab Tech8 Months
13Shibanika RZoho Internship3 Months
14Suresh Krishnaa RZoho Internship6 Months
15Vikas KErnst & Young India2 Months
16Vishruthi BMazenet Solution Ltd3 Months
17Vishwajith VZoho Internship6 Months
18Prashanth.CCity,University Of London3 Months
19V.R.Manju BhargaviVirtusa55 Days
20Harini.MMazenet Solution Ltd3 Months
21Joel MarioCTS4 Months
22Alamelu.MCTS4 Months
23ShibanikaZoho4 Months
24Kiruthika SBCTS4 Months
25ImayavathiIncedo4 Months
26C.ShajindLucid Technologies And Solutions144 Days
27R.AdhityaZoho Corporation273 Days
28S.PriyadarshiniVirtusa Consulting Private Ltd6 Months
29Naveen Kumar RVirtusa Consulting Private Ltd6 Months
30Madhumitha SCTS4 Months
31V.VikramWipro2 Months
32Rubasri SPWC4 Months
33Sibicharan MWipro2 Months
34Harish K (03-04-2001)TCS2.5 Months
35Srinidhi JeganmohanWipro2 Months
36Vimal Kumar VOrangescape5 Months
37Santhosh KForbes Marshall Pvt Ltd2 Months
38Subashini VUniq Technologies9 Days
39Pavithra ARenault Nissan Automotive2 Months
40Bhusarapu LohithaInesta Webtech Solution Pvt Ltd2 Months
Students Merit Scholarship 2010 – 2011 IV Year
S.NOName of the studentName of the companyNo. of days
1Sukavanesh K LWebdy3 Months
2Ram Prasad J78 Days
3G PrashanthiL&T Technology Services Limited107 Days
4Abishek Prasad G VAaseya It Service Private Limited180 Days

CTS105 Days
6Baskar M104 Days
7S.Vijay105 Days
8Siva Sankaran E
9A.Divya Bharathi91 Days
10M.S.Kumari93 Days
11Vaishnavi.G93 Days
12Tarunyaa Sanmugasundar101 Days
13E.Vasanth KumarNewgen Software Technologies Limited42 Days
14Pooja K102 Days
15DeepcharranCisco105 Days
16Hamdhu NishaHexaware105 Days
17Dinesh S.YDouble Star105 Days
18Sai Sumitra J C EInfosys105 days
19Prabakara Pandian.R
20Preethi RZoho Corporation89 Days
21S S Suyambuvishal
23Karthikeyan B
24Kalyani S N
25Srimathi R RZoho Corporation107 Days
26Agnel Valentine Dougals AForbes Marshall Technology Center91 Days
27Mothish DProdapt Solutions94 days
28Sibi S
29Malavika S
30Gayathri M
31Kaviyalakshmi KDucen6 Months
32Shreeraam RVirtusha54 Days
33Priyavarshini S
34Vijay Balaji DKumaran Systems71 Days
35Jayandan K
36Santhiya VZoomrx77 Days
37Vijayalakshmi SMr.Cooper71 Days
Students Merit Scholarship 2010 – 2011 III Year
Sl. No.Company NameDurationNo. of days of trainingNo. of students
1FLOWSERVE INDIA CONTROLS PVT LTD 27.11.2019 -9.12.2019 NETWORKS27.11.2019-9.12.201912 DAYS1
2ONEYES TECHNOLOGIES28.11.2019-02.12.195 DAYS13
3PANTECH SOLUTIONS03.12.2019-07.12.195 DAYS2
4LIVE STREAM TECHNOLOGIES 22.11.2019-01.12.19 10 DAYS22.11.2019-01.12.201910 DAYS3
5NCR CORPORATION INDIA PVT.LTD25.11.2019-02.12.20198 DAYS1
6NETAXIS IT SOLUTION PVT.LTD25.11.2019-07.12.197 DAYS4
7BAROLA TECHNOLOGIES03.12.2019-10.12.197 DAYS14
8LIVE STREAM TECHNOLOGIES 22.11.2019-01.12.19 10 DAYS22.11.2019-01.12.1910 DAYS1
9THIRSTY CROWZ26.12.2019-28.12.193 DAYS1
10PANTECH SOLUTIONS03.12.2019-07.12.195 DAYS2
12KAASHIV INFOTECH27.12.2019-31.12.195 DAYS1
13ONEYES TECHNOLOGIES09.12.2019-13.12.195 DAYS1
14KAASHIV INFOTECH11.01.2020-15.01.205 DAYS1
15ONEYES TECHNOLOGIES02.12.2019-06.12.195 DAYS1
16ONEYES TECHNOLOGIES28.11.2019-02.12.195 DAYS1
17ONEYES TECHNOLOGIES26.11.19-30.11.195 DAYS1
18ONEYES TECHNOLOGIES23.12.19-27.12.195 DAYS1
19ONEYES TECHNOLOGIES25.11.2019-30.11.195 DAYS1
20LARSEN AND TOUBRO INFOTECH23.07.2019-25.08.1931 DAYS1
21LUCID TECHNOLOGIES06.01.2020-30.04.2020116 DAYS2
22SOLVER MINDS06.01.2020-30.04.20116 DAYS1
24LIVE STREAM TECHNOLOGIES 22.11.2019-01.12.19 10 DAYS22.11.19-01.12.1910 DAYS1
25ONEYES TECHNOLOGIES28.11.2019-02.12.195 DAYS2
Students Merit Scholarship 2010 – 2011 II Year

Sl. No.Company NameDurationNo. of days of trainingNo. of students
1BASE 2 MEDIA WORKS1.7.19 -31.7.1931 DAYS1
2UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES5.6.19 - 9.6.195 DAYS2
3UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES27.5.19 - 31.5.195 DAYS1
4UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES4.6.19 - 8.6.195 DAYS1
5UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES23.5.19 - 27.5.195 DAYS1
7ONESYES TECHNOLOGIES13.5.19 - 12.6.1931 DAYS1
9ONESYES TECHNOLOGIES28.5.19 - 11.6.1915 DAYS1
10IIT KANPUR24.5.19 - 5.7.1942 DAYS1
11POLENZA TECHNOLOGIES(OPC) Pvt.Ltd3.6.19 - 7.6.195 DAYS2
12POLENZA TECHNOLOGIES(OPC) Pvt.Ltd10.6.19 - 14.6.195 DAYS5
15KAASHIV INFOTECH3.6.19 - 7.6.195 DAYS3
16KAASHIV INFOTECH4.6.19 - 8.6.195 DAYS3
18BSNL27.5.19 - 31.5.195 DAYS1
19PANTECH SOLUTIONS6.619 - 10.6.195 DAYS1
20Kaar22.01.2019 to 31.03.2019601
21NTU, Singapore01.12.2019 to 30.04.20191501
22Timeless Ventures Pvt. Ltd21.01.2019 to 15.03.2019541
23TCS02.01.2019 to 02.04.2019901
24Oneyes Technologies27.11.2018 to 01.12.201852
25Codebind Technologies05.12.2018 to 09.12.201852
26RETECH Solutions Pvt, Ltd26.11.2018 to 08.12.2018343
27NSIC - Technical Services Centre28.11.2018 to 07.12.201874

S.NOName of the studentName of the companyNo. of days
1Amrutha.BTCS UI PATH90
3Priya. J
4Jyothi Jaiswal .M
9Raksana Begum.S
11Chitra M
13R Sai Supraja
14Vidhya M
15Abishek Naagendra P#rowspan##rowspan#
16Abirami E
17P B Balakrishna
19S Sapthamaaleekaa#rowspan##rowspan#
21S Rohit Krishnan
27V BaradwajAMAZON90
28S GurupriyaMAXVAL90
30Mr.T.VenkateshTOP ENGINEERS30
31Mr.Kishore Kumar GINYARDS60
32Mr.Pratheev S
34Ms.Sruthi GaneshMAXIML LABS PVT LTD60
36Mr.Pushpa Raj
37Ms. Samyuktha Madhusudhan ThumalaFORD MOTOR PVT LTD60


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